Daonari represents a unique approach for companies looking to raise capital for innovative real estate projects.

Types of Applications


Your organization can apply for feasibility study or proof of concept funding:
Feasibility study: Funding to explore the feasibility of the organization, particularly ability to attract private investors, as well as to develop the high level organization structure. The Open Window will award funding between USD 50,000 and USD 200,000 for feasibility studies. Promising feasibility studies funded through the Open Window will be considered for follow-on proof of concept funding.


Proof Of Concept: If a feasibility study (or equivalent) has been completed, funding to complete all design and structuring activities – for example, finalizing the capital structure, establishing the legal structure, and producing key documents – in order to launch the organization. Organizations will receive USD 200,000 and USD 750,000 for proof of concept work.

Eligibility Criteria


  • To be eligible for consideration, proposals must meet the following criteria:
  • The organization must aim to use capital from public or philanthropic sources to attract private sector investment.
  • Your organization can use the funding to create smart contracts for investment capital or to fund operational activities of an already established organization.
  • Feasibility study proposals must 1) include an initial organization structure and hypothesis, and 2) have initiated engagement with potential funders and relevant stakeholders.
  • Proof of concept proposals must 1) detail interest, and ideally commitment to participate, from funders and relevant stakeholders, and 2) include an initial financial model.
  • The proposal must detail the development challenge, proposed financial agreements; organization, key risks and mitigation strategies, design activities and costs, and the applicant’s relevant experience along with organizations proposed supply chain.
  • Proposals are only accepted from organizations or consortiums of organizations. The lead organization must be able to provide 1) proof of incorporation, and 2) audited financial statements for the previous fiscal year.
  • Your organization awarded funding are expected to regularly report key challenges, learnings, and results. This will be synthesized into a case study, and published to support market-wide learning.
  • Issuing Companies-  Medium to large companies can raise funding through our blockchain based platform.
  • Investors- We offer deals primarily for non-accredited investors, through fractional investing.
  • Supply-Chain Members- Carry out on agreed upon obligation activities through blockchain.

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