Benefits of Blockchain


Our method of transferring funds is many times faster and less expensive than traditional means.


We make use of the Ethereum blockchain network which is able to provide world class security no matter the scale of a project.


All Ether transaction are public by default. Our platform is built on a code base which is open to public view in order to guarantee legitimacy and transparency in dealings.


Our campaigns are administered automatically and programmatically. Everyone knows the rules so you can feel safe with where you put your money.


Connect to the projects and communities that are important to you. We want to build a platform for developers and funders to collaborate and change the world infrastructure investing.


Wallets allow companies to transact with key members of they’re supplychain. Allowing users to monitor construction activity real time.

Problem & Solution

Problem 1

In construction information is rarely shared between stakeholders in real-time.  Often times, the transactions are completely disconnected and hidden among different systems and databases across many individuals and organizations.

Solution 1

Users connecting to the Blockchain would have visibility of all transactions based upon their role and involvement on a project, this ensures that the correct information is automatically, securely and quickly shared across multiple stakeholders.

Problem 2

“I’ll get you paid next week I’m just waiting on funding from another project”. The industry, especially at smaller and less professional scales, is riddled with “robbing Peter to pay Paul” scenarios which create cash flow problems detrimental to every entity involved on the construction project.

Solution 2

Extra due diligence prior to signing a construction smart contract could ultimately save the owner of the project a significant amount of money and heartache as there is a great potential to reduce the number of surprises that will be encountered along the way.

Problem 3

Managing land-related conflicts, conflict between households, neighborhoods and neighboring ‘communities’ over land rights and boundaries. Managing land-related conflicts  Conflict between households, neighbourhoods and neighbouring ‘communities’ over land rights and boundaries.

Solution 3

We have digitized land title by turning it in to an actual digital token, which can be exchanged for crypto currency or other digital assets. Additionally it can be stored in your digital wallet; the same way you would store any another digital currency.

Crypto Bond Issuance Blockchain Bonds

ZMK 0.0

Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, AnnuallyCreate a digital currency bond

Smart ContractsReduce counter party risk

ZMK 0.0

Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, AnnuallyCreate automated enforceable agreements

Land TitleExchange Titles

ZMK 0.0

Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, AnnuallyEliminate land title disputes

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